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We're Talking Jags

Oct 18, 2019

The Jag Talkers are absolutely bloodlusted this week as the Jags have agreed to ship Ramsey off to a west coast team with a huge backyard he can play around in. What does this mean for the team? That's what we are here to discuss

  • Ramsey to the Rams
    • Tre Herndon 
    • The largest trade in Jags history
    • Potential Picks
    • The End of an Era
  • Jags v Panthers
    • McCaffrey goes off
    • Leonard Fournette remaining an inspiraton
    • Chark Attack
  • Jags v Saints
    • O'Shaunessy and Swaim get concussed
    • Sean Payton talking shit
    • Taylor gets schooled
    • Is Minshew Mania over?

All this and more in this weeks episode. 

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