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We're Talking Jags

Sep 20, 2019

Big Week in Jags. We are hot off a Texan loss about to head in to hopefully a Titan win. Your Jag Talkers gather to break down

  • Gardner Minshew's weird ass way of making it work
  • Leonard Fournette and his 'efficiency'
  • Is Doug Marrone spineless?
  • Is Jalen worth the trouble?
  • Why this next game is everything. 

All this and...

Sep 12, 2019

 Hope, despair, grievance and loss. These feelings come all too natural for the dedicated Jags fan. 

  • Nick Foles gets a broken collarbone!
  • Myles Jack gets thrown out
  • Our status as a top 5 defense is being questioned
  • Chark participates in a work of modern art
  • Ramsey fails to convey leadership
  • Marrone fails to have a...