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We're Talking Jags

Dec 12, 2019

Chan, Kevin, Myles, and Josh squeeze into the booth to write the first page of an autopsy report. Everyone is fired. 

  • 5 straight losses
  • Everyone is fired
    • Keenan McCardell
  • Todd Wash
  • The Good Players
    • Fournette
    • Chark
    • Campbell
    • Dj Hayden
  • Minshew Mania
  • Draft Strategies

All this and more in this weeks episode. 


Dec 12, 2019

After getting a whooping from the Colts your three Jag Talkers, Chandler, Myles and Nick meet to prepare for the jags entering a potential death spiral.

Myles Garrett ruins football

Jags v Texans 3 < 26

Jags v Colts 13 < 33

  • Josh Oliver on injury reserve


Where are the Jags Now

  • Doug Marrone
  • Nick Foles
  • Gardner...