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We're Talking Jags

Feb 13, 2019

At least we get to look forward to next year, a sentiment felt throughout the country as the Rams failed to live up to the expectations we should have never set for them. Your five Jag Talkers get together after a brief recovery to close out this miserable mess of a season.

Speaking positively Calais Campbell shines a ray of hope upon the team as he agrees to be willing to lose a dump truck of money and restructure his contract to try and see Doug Marrone achieve his vision. Meanwhile in NFL headquarters, a consortium of referees is deliberating on making pass interference reviewable. The gang is surprisingly split on this decision and what it could mean for games to come. 

Finally we discuss the toilet grenade of a superbowl that we were all subjected to. The gridlock, the story, the halftime show built on a bed of lies. Thankfully this episode was made to vindicate the effort you put into watching the damn thing. Hope you enjoy and stick around for the off-season content we have coming down the pipes!

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